Is Potential World Record 8 Point Buck Real?

There has been a lot of speculation as to whether the recent 8 point giant is real or not. People have speculated whether the photo below was Photoshopped or whether the buck was taken on a fenced in game preserve. The buck is supposedly 183 1/8″ and the current world record for an 8 pointer is 180 3/8″.

What do you think?

Guns and Ammo’s Top 20 Movie Shootouts

Guns and Ammo just recently published an awesome top 20′s list – “G&A Ranks the Best Movie Shootouts“. They did an amazing job at not only picking the best shootout scenes, but also in doing the research to find out what guns were used and giving a little background to each film.

I can’t argue with any of the movies on their list and I think all of their top 5 are well deserving at being where they are. Kudos to you Guns and Ammo!

That being said, I’m not sure if this would necessarily fall under the category of “shootout”, but several scenes from Saving Private Ryan popped into my head. This one especially:


Jacob Bynum and the Rifles Only Crew Put the New GDI Mount to the Test

Needless to say we were pretty excited to have Jacob Bynum, Director of Rifles Only Inc., and a few of his guys test out our newest mount, the P-ROM L-Model (Rifle Optic Mount). We could think of few other people we would want to test out our products and give feedback on what they found than Rifles Only.

Here’s what they had to say: