About GDI

Founded in 2002, Global Defense Initiatives, Inc. (GDI) is a US based, veteran owned small business specializing in the development and manufacturing of mount interface devices for use with optical, laser aiming, illumination, night vision, and thermal imaging systems.

GDI first emerged into the market in 2002 as a provider of high-threat security services and specialized training, emphasizing weapons and tactics for military and law enforcement personnel. GDI’s core personnel, coming from the ranks of NAVSPECWAR/SOF communities, brought significant operational and instructional military experience and knowledge.

Since its inception, GDI has grown to be recognized by the industry leaders in weapon optics, and laser aiming / imaging devices - and as such, has been sought out for their developmental engineering and manufacturing excellence.

Today’s focus of GDI’s mission is to provide the weapon system / aiming-imaging-illumination device industries and military / government operational communities, with viable outsourcing solutions that meet their respective mission essential needs.

With proven performance and superior functionality as the company’s hallmarks, GDI has gained a significant advantage over existing commercially available mounts, by exceeding military specifications and requirements for performance, accuracy enhancement, precision craftsmanship, and durability.

GDI has been acknowledged within the optic-aiming device industries and armed forces as one of the leading experts and developers of innovative, technologically advanced mounting solutions for deployment on weapon systems and tactical equipment accessories.

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