G1-OSM™ (Optical Sight Mount)

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G1-OSM™ (Optical Sight Mount): G1-OSM™ (Optical Sight Mount) (Out of Stock)

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Specifications for G1-OSM™ (Optical Sight Mount) 


    Description: G1-OSM™ Gen3 M14/M1A® optic mount allows the user to co-witness iron sights without removing the rear aperture, as well as the ability to provide the proper eye relief required for both M1913 Picatinny rail compatible scope ring optics, in addition to Trijicon® ACOG optics without the need for additional mounting adapters.

    P/N: G1OSMSS3

    Materials: CNC Machined 17-4PH Stainless Steel

    Finish: MIL-SPEC Matte Black

    Category: Patented

    General Features

    • The G1-OSM™ Gen 3 allows interfacing of both Telescopic sights w/MIL-STD rings and Trijicon® ACOG optics, without the need for stackable mounting solutions, thereby eliminating mechanical failure and accuracy degrading issues associated with multiple mount adapters.

    • The G1-OSM™ Gen3 utilizes a Loop-Hole™ channel to co-witness iron sights - scope can remain mounted or removed to utilize this feature.

    • Co-witnessing capable with or w/o scope mounted. Rear sight aperture can remain on when mount is attached to weapon and maintain an approximate 100yd BZO: Capability critical to USGI / MIL-STD / MIL-SPEC deviations from varying receiver manufactures.

    • Elongated receiver side hole slot (for mounting side bolt) to accommodate and adjust for out of spec receivers.

    • Duel Dovetail piece adjustment screws: Positioned on lateral aspects of mount to avoid interference of scope within M1913 rail/ACOG channel, in addition to provision of uniform torque values.

    • Adjustable Pressure-hex (front point contact adjustment screw) to accommodate variances in receiver height / barrel ring dimension.

    • No vertical key/boss: Eliminates misalignment and improper seating of mount due to spec variances of receivers.

    • Horizontal key/boss specifications mod: Accommodates out-of-spec/undersized receiver grooves.

    • Direct mount ACOG channel: Accommodates Trijicon® ACOG mounting w/o adapters.

    • Extended proprietary rail: Provides for critical requirements of short eye-relief optics.

    • Lock-up: Side Three Point

    • Kit: G1-OSM™ Gen 3 comes complete w/Allen tools, Loop-Hole alignment tool, weatherproof instruction card (web based PDF available), and mounting hardware.

    •  Spare / replacement parts can be ordered separately.

    • Lightweight Rigged Design

    • American Made